Sarthak Sathi

Sarthak Sathi (Meaningful Friend) is recruiting a pool of national and international volunteers to conduct our programs. As our vision grows and demonstrates accomplishments in education, we eagerly anticipate an expanding pool of volunteers and donors who are excited by this program. You can share your experience and expertise with us and help ensure a quality learning of children.


The Sarthak Sathi concept is also for young students, who want to get involved and build their career in the education sector. We will train you to become a professional in education. There are conditional scholarship for needy students who are a member of Sarthak Sathi to enable them to continue their higher education.

Please contact us with your educational background, expertise, and interest to become a member of Sarthak Sathi volunteers.


Introduction of Sarthak Sathis



Keshav Magar

Rumon Maharjan

Rajendra Deula

Saru Maharjan

Salina Bhandari

Jeti Maharjan

Niruta Timalsina

Bidi Yolkey Rai




Tetsuya Yamada


Kanako Okubo