Activities in Other Countries

Currently, we have activities in Japan and other branches are underway.


Sarthak Japan

The headquarters of Sarthak Japan is located in Tokyo, Japan. Sarthak Japan is a member-based organization, managed by Japanese education professionals.

Sarthak Japan has three main objectives:

1. Technical support to Sarthak Shiksha: Sarthak Japan will provide technical support to Sarthak Shiksha in Nepal. The technical support from Japan is based on their professional experience, skills and knowledge. Sarthak Japan plans to expand their professional network to support Sarthak Shiksha.

2. Financial support to Sarthak Shiksha: Sarthak Japan collects member fees and donations to support various programs by Sarthak Shiksha. They also organize fund raising charity activities and publishes educational articles and books.

3. Advocacy: Sarthak Japan intends to expand meaningful education, namely Sarthak Shiksha, in Japan.  They plan to advocate the importance of  Sarthak Shiksha to Japanese citizens through advocacy campaigns and articles. They will also advocate national and international policy makers in Japan through professional papers, workshops and so forth.