Support Mothers

Self-Employment Education Program (SEEP) for Mothers


Mothers play particularly important role in the education of children. Our Self-Employment Education Program for mothers, in collaboration with Child Development Society (CDS), provides literacy and business management classes for around 30 disadvantaged mothers. The class is conducted by a facilitator, two hours every day.

We believe that this program will help the mothers to run their own business, which can provide stable and sustainable income sources to the family, and further contribute to support in children’s education. We think that through this program, mothers would be capable to support not just financially, but support or follow-up children’s daily study.



  • Make them able to read and write.
  • To develop their habit to save money in groups instead of spending it unnecessarily.
  • To make them capable to create their own employment.
  • To develop their confidence to increase their source of income.
  • To help them change their livelihood and economic status.
  • To bring change in children’s education and health.
  • To reduce child labor.


Targeted group for the program

  • Age 15-45
  • Women working on labor area and daily wages.
  • Slum and single women.
  • Women suffered from war and homeless.
  • Women suffering from social and domestic violence.
  • Poor women in urban area.
  • Women with low economic status.


Case Study

Doing Good in Life – Sarita’s life dream, and how SEEP is helping

September 2014

Ms. Sarita Giri (37)

Sarita Giri (37) raises two children, 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. Currently she is a cleaner at bank, but she envisions having her own retail shop to support her family in the future

Raising two children by herself with a low-paying job has been very tough. She used to work as a painter previously, but her job caused health problem, which forced her to quit the job. Since then, it has been difficult for her to have a stable income to support her children’s education.

Her lack of literacy was a major barrier for her job search, and she felt she was wasting her time, just waiting for ‘luck’.

Now, there is no time for Sarita to waste. She has been attending SEEP class from the first day and enjoys her busy days. She says she “learns a new thing every day.” Thanks to the SEEP class, now she feels she is doing something good in her life. Another major change was becoming able to teach her children what she learnt at SEEP. Encountering other motivated mothers at SEEP, Sarita wants to find a business partner from her classmates to run a grocery store together.

Acquiring literacy is beyond starting her job, increasing income, or educating her children. Sarita has a “longer-term dream – to do something good in my life so that no one would say bad things about me.”