Who we are?


Since World Conference on Education for All (EFA) in 1990, all countries, including Nepal, have striven to achieve the goal to provide education to all. In Nepal, there have been efforts to increase the access to education through school construction. Many Nepalese children are now able to go to schools. However, the opportunity to go to school has not ensured a quality learning. The quality of schooling in Nepal is of utmost concern. Despite several years of schooling, children are still illiterate. There is a growing gap in the quality of learning according to income, geography and so on.

We have established Sarthak Shiksha to deal with issues in education in Nepal so that children in Nepal will be able to have a quality learning environment. We believe that providing a quality learning environment for children will ensure the economic development of Nepal. We plan to work together with the administration, schools, communities, parents and of course the children to ensure that a quality education is provided.

We welcome all our national and international friends to join our movement!!