NEWS April-June 2014

  • 1st: Tetsuya Yamanda has joined as a new intern in Sarthak.
  • 15th: We launched SRC (Sarthak Reading Class) in Madan Smarak Higher Secondary School (Grade 1-3), and Bal Binod Secondary School (Grade 1-5) Pulchowk, Lalitpur
  • 30th: First orientation session to the BSW (Bachelor of Social work) students who were going to SRC (Sarthak Reading Class)->Facebook Page


  • 6th: Training for girls group (Sathis) which tell them the importance of assessment and students reflection
  • 13th: Sarthak Sathi (Volunteers) had training for SRC which help them to get more ideas to link SRC with students reading habit->Facebook Page
  • 21st: 100 Books from Tomoko Kawanami
  • 23rd: 20 Books from Standard Japanese Language Institute as a support for SRC Class
  • 26th: A gift of 105 Books from Mr. Alan Bessette, retired university professor in Japan->Facebook Page


  • 1st: SRC training with the high ambition and contribution from sathis for effective class
  • 6th: As per the request from the teachers to learn the basic computer skills like Microsoft package we begin the basic ICT trainings to teachers in Bal Binod school once a week->Facebook Page
  • 8th: The critical training for sarthak sathis on reading skill and activities as sarthak sathis were eager to learn how to conduct SRC class
  • 17th: A donation from Jujuman Investment and trading Pvt. Ltd, Shakya Ornaments, Vajra Transport Services and Vajra Tours and Service Pvt. Ltd for 10 Books (Rs 1000) each